Used to boost bacteria in pond systems – 100% natural and non-toxic.

1 Litre


  • Range of Beneficial Microbes
  • Seeds New Filtration Systems
  • Activates Filtration Systems
  • Rejuvenates Existing Systems
  • Boosts and Enhances Bio-Filters
  • Effective in All Water Temperatures


• FILTERBOOST is an environmentally friendly bacteria boos treatment, suitable for ponds, water features, dams and wetlands.
• FILTERBOOST is formulated for South African conditions and is effective in water temepratures of under 12°C

• FILTERBOOST increase good bacteria in a pond system
• FILTERBOOST is safe for humans, pets, wildlife and plants
• FILTERBOOST is 100% environmentally friendly
• FILTERBOOST will increase the effectiveness all types of bio-filter systems
• FILTERBOOST will help to seed new filter systems
• FILTERBOOST will replace good bacteria lost due to backwash or water changes
• FILTERBOOST will minimize pathogens by increasing the effectiveness of the filter system.

• FILTERBOOST can be added directly to the water or filter without any dilution
• Add FILTERBOOST after every water change or backwash
• Add FILTERBOOST as part of monthly maintenance to reduce the excess growth of harmful pathogens.
• Adding FILTERBOOST at the begininng of the warmer season is greatly advantages to any pond system

• 1 litre of FILTERBOOST can treat 30 000 litres of water
• For new ponds FILTERBOOST can be doses after 5 to 7 days from each other.
• If any other has been used with the 7 to 14 days DO NOT DOSE with FILTERBOOST before consulting with your distributor.

For more information please visit or website – To become a distributor or any other enquiries call us on 081 471 5000


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